From the Office of Russia Oil Corporation
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To All Investors:

We’d love to inform you that our company has decided to make some changes on two Investment plans. The changes is due the requests from our investors to increase the percentage of VIP Barrel up to 500% and decease the minimum deposit to 200$. The decrease also applied to Barrel 1 from 150% to 135%. This will help increase the stability of safe investment opportunities. After general meeting, the requests has been approved and validated from now on. These changes will help offer the best opportunity for investors worldwide.

Russia Oil Corporation has started its investment project on May 22, 2020 and will complete on May 22, 2025. The corporation is operated under the national law and international law with the legal registration in Russia. The company provides profit with reasonable percentage to help build financial freedom community worldwide. The profit percentage will decease every 3 months in order to secure a safe investment stability. Since this is the first 3 months, the offered profit percentage is quite high but within the capacity of the Corporation. The percentage of each plan will decrease every 3 months by 20% up to 40% in the next 3 months. Every investor should take faster step to earn more profit than the next 3 months.

Russia Oil Corporation has its legal registration number 899888 in the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Minpromtorg) as Public Corporation. In its operations, the Corporation adheres to high standards of user responsibility and the principle of strict compliance with all license obligations. The Corporation holds a number of licenses issued by the state authorities for geological exploration, prospecting and production of raw materials at oil and gas fields within the territory of the Russian Federation and its continental shelf for this real safe investment opportunity. The corporation takes full responsibility for any mistake caused by our corporation.

Russia Oil Corporation
Chairman: William A. Wangjohn(CEO)
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Du bureau de la Russia Oil Corporation
Adresse: 600 North Dairy Ashford (77079-1175),
           P.O. Box 1197, LA 90001, CA, Russie
           Houston, TX 77222-2197

À tous les investisseurs:

         Nous aimerions vous informer que notre société a décidé d'apporter des modifications à deux plans d'investissement. Les changements sont dus aux demandes de nos investisseurs d'augmenter le pourcentage de VIP Barrel jusqu'à 500% et de diminuer le dépôt minimum à 200 $. La baisse s'est également appliquée au baril 1 de 150% à 135%. Cela contribuera à accroître la stabilité des opportunités d'investissement sûres. Après l'assemblée générale, les demandes sont désormais approuvées et validées. Ces changements permettront d'offrir la meilleure opportunité aux investisseurs du monde entier.

     Russia Oil Corporation a commencé son projet d'investissement le 22 mai 2020 et s'achèvera le 22 mai 2025. La société est exploitée en vertu du droit national et du droit international avec l'enregistrement légal en Russie. La société fournit des bénéfices avec un pourcentage raisonnable pour aider à construire une communauté de liberté financière dans le monde entier. Le pourcentage de profit diminuera tous les 3 mois afin d'assurer une stabilité d'investissement sûre. Puisqu'il s'agit des trois premiers mois, le pourcentage de profit offert est assez élevé, mais dans les limites de la capacité de la Société. Le pourcentage de chaque plan diminuera tous les 3 mois de 20% jusqu'à 40% au cours des 3 prochains mois. Chaque investisseur devrait prendre des mesures plus rapides pour gagner plus de bénéfices que les 3 prochains mois.

    Russia Oil Corporation a son numéro d'enregistrement légal 899888 auprès du ministère de l'Industrie et du Commerce (Minpromtorg) en tant que société publique. Dans ses opérations, la Société adhère à des normes élevées de responsabilité des utilisateurs et au principe du strict respect de toutes les obligations de licence. La Société détient un certain nombre de licences délivrées par les autorités de l'État pour l'exploration géologique, la prospection et la production de matières premières dans les champs de pétrole et de gaz sur le territoire de la Fédération de Russie et de son plateau continental pour cette réelle opportunité d'investissement sûre. La société assume l'entière responsabilité de toute erreur causée par notre société.

Russia Oil Corporation
Président: William A. Wangjohn (PDG)
Tél: + 281-233-1000
Courriel: [email protected]
        : [email protected]
Russia Oil Corporation History (Histoire de Russia Oil Corporation)
The history of Russia Oil Corporation is inextricably connected with the history of the domestic petroleum industry. The first reference to the enterprises being now a part of Russia Oil Corporation go back to the end of 19th of century. For example, in 1889 the oil-field exploration on Sakhalin was launched.
The core assets of Russia Oil Corporation were established during the Soviet period when full-scale development of new oil and gas fields was launched. In the 1990s the major part of the petroleum industry was privatized. The petroleum assets remaining state-run had been managed by the state enterprise Russia Oil Corporation which was reorganized in September 1995 into Open Joint Stock Oil Company Russia Oil Corporation. According to the results of 1995 the volume of production of oil and liquid hydrocarbons amounted to 12.7 million tons.
Within a short period of time the Company dramatically increased the level of corporate management efficiency, made a determined effort on consolidation of oil producing and refining assets, enhanced the financial discipline. Already in 2005 Russia Oil Corporation took leadership among the Russian oil companies in terms of volumes of oil production which amounted to 74.6 million tons.
In 2006 Russia Oil Corporation stocks were placed in on the London Stock Exchange for the first time. The total amount of the stocks floated was $10.7 billion which was the fifth largest IPO in the world and the biggest IPO among the Russian companies. Global players of the power market such as BP and SINOPEC placed their trust in the Company. They became its major shareholders, as well as about 150,000 Russian individuals who acquired Russia Oil Corporation’s shares.
In 2013 Russia Oil Corporation was considered the largest public oil and gas company in the world at consummation of the acquisition of TNK-BP. BP has become the largest minority shareholder of Russia Oil Corporation with a participation interest of 19.5%.
In 2016 Russia Oil Corporation achieved a major success in completion of the integrated transaction on privatization of a 19.5% participation interest of the company as well as the controlling block of shares of Bashneft resulting in receipt of RUB 1.04 tln by the Government.
Nowadays Russia Oil Corporation is the leader of the Russian petroleum industry and the largest public oil and gas corporation in the world. The Company is included in the list of the Russian strategic companies. RUSSIA OIL CORPORATIONEGAS being 100% Government-owned establishment is the principal shareholder of the Company (50.00000001% of shares), 19.75% of shares belong to BP, 18.93% of shares are owned by QH Oil Investments LLC, one share belongs to the Government represented by the Federal Agency for State Property Management, the remaining shares are free-floating. Russia Oil Corporation carries out its activities in Russia, Germany, India, China, Egypt, Venezuela, Iraq, Qatar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Norway, the Republic of Cuba, Mozambique, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine and other countries. PJSC NK Russia Oil Corporation operates in all major petroleum provinces of Russia including Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia, Povolzhskiy and Uralskiy regions, Far East, Timan-Pechora, Krasnodar Territory as well as the sea shelves of the Russian Federation including Arctic shelf.
Russia Oil Corporation is the leader of Russian oil refining. The oil refining and petrochemical division of the company includes 18 oil refinery plants (ORP) located in the key regions of Russia as well as in Germany, the Republic of Belarus and India. The distribution network of the Company covers 59 regions of Russia. Being a shareholder of Nayara Energy, Russia Oil Corporation holds a large network of gas stations (GS) in India.
Upstream (Exploration and production)
Russia Oil Corporation is the largest oil and gas company in Russia and the world's largest public oil and gas company in terms of reserves and production of the liquid hydrocarbons. According to the results of 2018 the hydrocarbon reserves as per PRMS classification by 1P category amounted to 47 billion barrels of oil equivalent (bbl o.e.), by 2P - 84 billion bbl o.e., by 3P - 121 billion bbl o.e.
The development of resource potential and the rational development of subsoil resources, with strict observance of environmental safety standards and the widespread introduction of modern technologies is one of the key priorities of the Company. Russia Oil Corporation performs oil and gas exploration works in all regions of subsurface management in the Russian Federation including Far East, Western and Eastern Siberia, the central part of Russia, Timan-Pechora and the south of Russia.
Russia Oil Corporation surpasses its competitors in efficiency of the performed exploration works: it is the leading company among the comparable public international oil and gas companies in terms of systematic increment of reserves, reserves replacement rate (173% as per SEC classification), including systematic reserves replacement rate without consideration of acquisition and reserves life. The proven hydrocarbon reserves life of PJSC NK Russia Oil Corporation as per SEC classification was estimated at 20 years.
Russia Oil Corporation is the world’s largest producer of liquid hydrocarbons among the public oil and gas companies.
In the short-term Russia Oil Corporation intends to ensure up to 98% of success in oil and gas exploration works, essential improvements in operating procedures of exploitation drilling and sidetracking at the current level of economic efficiency. Russia Oil Corporation’s share in oil production in the territory of the Russian Federation reaches about 40% and over 6% of the world oil production. The efficient portfolio management of the assets in extraction industry as well as investments in new field developments allows Russia Oil Corporation maintaining a stable current and long-term growth in hydrocarbon production.
From year to year the Company extends exploitation drilling. The horizontal well rate has amounted to 48%, there is growth in the number of new horizontal wells with multi-stage fracking. The rate of the own drilling operations in the whole volume of headway has reached 50%
Russia Oil Corporation pays considerable attention to the development of stranded fields. The era of “easy” oil recovery comes to an end but there is a huge potential in Russia in HTR reserves (hard to recover reserves). The successful exploration and application of new technologies including auger boring methods made it possible for the Company to start efficient development of hard to recover oil reserves.
For example, in accordance with the key parameters of the Development Program for Samotlorskoe field, the Company shall drill more than 2,400 wells within 10 years. This will ensure incremental oil production in excess of 50 million tons.
In 2017, in the territory of KhMAD (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District)-Yugra which is the main oil and gas producing presence region of the Company, the Erginskiy cluster was arranged and commissioned with total reserves of 259 mln tons of oil. An integrated approach to development of the Erginskiy field and the Kondinskoye field cluster, which implies a unified system of transport, power supply and development management shall ensure a high level of synergy and accelerated development of the cluster resource potential. The developed infrastructure of the largest asset in the Russia Oil Corporation oil production, RN Yuganskneftegaz wall also be used during the new project implementation in KhMAD.
In the mid-term, production enhancement of mature fields and active development of new challenging oil and gas projects including the Vankor cluster, Erginskiy cluster, Russkoe, Yurubchenko-Tokhomskoye, Kharampurskoye and Severo-Komsomolskoye fields, and Rospan will allow ramping up the Company’s production on an organic basis.
Within the worldwide trend of growth of gas production and application as the most sustainable fossil fuels Ronsneft continuous increasing volume of gas both in the asset portfolio and hydrocarbon production consistently approaching to the biggest international companies’ indicators. Russia Oil Corporation is the biggest independent gas producer of Russia and takes the sixth place in the gas production amount the public companies of the world.
The main centers of production growth in the coming years are Rospan project (Novo-Urengoyskiy and Vostochno-Urengoyskiy license areas), Kharampurskoye and Beregovoye fields, Kynsko-Chaselsky group of fields. Russia Oil Corporation intends to rank up gas production up to 100 billions of cubic meters and increase its market share up to 20% by 2022. At the same time the company extends its gas business at international level, develops advanced projects in Venezuela, Brazil, Vietnam.
Acquisition of 30% of the Italian Eni S.p.A under the concessionaire agreement on development of Zohr field which is the biggest gas field in the Mediterranean Sea has become a significant event. The Company has become a participant of the project at the deep marine shelf of Egypt in cooperation with the world majors and the strategic partners Eni (60% share) and BP (10% share). Gas production is being implemented ahead of schedule, the level of the gas production in volume of 57 mln. of cubic meters per day has been achieved within less than 1 year after starting up of the field.
The Company is the largest subsurface user at the Russian shelf: Russia Oil Corporation holds 55 licenses for the offshore sectors of the Russian Federation. The hydrocarbon resources in these sectors are estimated as 41.5 billion tons of oil equivalent.
Russia Oil Corporation fulfills the ambitious program on exploration of the shelf subsurface sites and exceed license commitments on yearly every year. The Company performs seismic exploration works in the areas of Barents, Pechora, Kara, Vostochno-Sibirskoye, Chukchee and Laptev Seas.
Oil refining
Russia Oil Corporation is the leader of the Russian oil refining industry. The Company accounts for more than 35% of oil refining in the Russian Federation.
The oil refinery and petrochemical sections of the Company consists of 18 large oil refineries located in Russia and abroad, as well as three petrochemical, four gas processing plants, two plants on production of catalytic agents and one service enterprise. In Germany the Company owns shares in three oil refineries, controls over more than 12% of refining capacities with a total throughput of 12.5 million tonnes per year and is the third player on the German market of oil refining. In the republic of Belarus Russia Oil Corporation indirectly holds 21% of shares of Mozyrskiy oil refinery JSC. Russia Oil Corporation holds 49% of shares of the Indian company Nayara Energy owning the largest oil refinery in Vadinar city (Gujarat state) which is a top ten of the best enterprises of the world.
Russia Oil Corporation fulfils the most ambitious program on modernization of oil refinery plants including modernization of process capacities of Komsomolskiy oil refinery, modernization of Tuapsinskiy oil refinery, reconstruction and modernization of Achinskiy oil refinery, Angarsk petrochemical company and Samara group plants. The aggregate investments within the program exceed 1 trillion rubles. By today the stage of adoption of the European standards has been completed, more than 30 facilities have been reconstructed. For the time being the reconstruction of the installation is being continued which will yield more light products.
The Company’s priority consists in development of the assets in oil refinery on the developed and increasing consumer markets, establishment of trading and sales hubs. Russia Oil Corporation casts a special role to petrochemistry within the strategy. The Company expects more rapid growth of the world demand in petrochemicals than GDP growth and consumption of the petrochemicals. Russia Oil Corporation establishes a goal to achieve a share of petrochemistry and chemical utilization of natural gas up to 20% of the total volume of all refining capacities. And this goal is completely achievable particularly with consideration of the fact that the investments shall be disposed with the involvement of project financing as well as with participation of the experienced partners with consideration of the required technologies and developed production trade channels.
The petrochemical complex of the oil company Russia Oil Corporation includes Angarskiy zavod polimerov JSC (AZP), Novokuybyshevskaya neftekhimicheskaya kompaniya JSC (NNK), Ufaorgsintez PJSC (UOS). Besides, the petrochemical production is represented by the aromatics complex at Bashneft-Ufaneftechim and capacities on production of methanol, butyl alcohols, amines of Angarsk petrochemical company.
Distribution network
Retail network of the Oil company Russia Oil Corporation is the biggest on the territory of Russian Federation in terms of geographic coverage and quantity of stations. The corporate identity of Russia Oil Corporation gas stations is one of the leading brands in Russia in terms of awareness and perception of the fuel quality. Russia Oil Corporation retail business territory covers 66 regions of Russia, from Murmansk in the north to North Caucasus in the south and from Smolensk in the west to Sakhalin in the east. Moreover, the Company owns assets in retail business in Abkhazia, republic of Belarus and Kirghizia.
The network of the operating gas stations of the Company includes around 3000 own stations and stations on lease, particularly 65 gas stations in the republic of Belarus, on the territory of Abkhazia and Kirghizia. There are 1890 shops and 925 cafes are arranged in the own stations and stations on lease. The network of the oil bases of the Company includes more than 140 operating oil bases with a capacity of 2,5 mln. cub. m as well as around 1,1 thousand gas tank trucks.
The retail network of 5 thousand gas stations belongs to Nayara Energy Limited whose owner is Oil company Russia Oil Corporation PJSC for 49,13%. Within 4 years from the moment of conclusion of the transaction it was succeeded to increase its share on the growing Indian market, quantity of the gas stations of the company increased more than 3 times.
Development of premium distribution channels for the petrochemicals including avia refueling, bunker and bitumen segments is one of the priority directions for Russia Oil Corporation.
Russia Oil Corporation ensures into-plane fueling in 43 Russian and foreign airports.
The activities of the oil company Russia Oil Corporation PJSC in the bunker segment cover are conducted in all main sea and river ports of bunkering in Russia as well as number of foreign territories.
In the bitumen segments Russia Oil Corporation develops production and distribution of the innovative product which is polymer modified asphalt cement (PM designed for quality improvement of road pavement.
Far Eastern shipyard
By order of the country’s president Russia Oil Corporation implements an ambitious project on development of ship-building ship-building cluster in the Far East in the heart of which there will be Zvezda ship building complex (SBC). The shipyard is being constructed over two phases. The production activities are being conducted already on the facilities of the first extended phase put into service in 2016 and 2017 (hull production workshop module, paintshops and heavy open fitting out staple). In September 2016 in Bolshoy Kamen city Vladimir Putin took part in the ceremonial launch of the first phase of the shipyard. We have all reasons to believe that the new enterprise will show better KPI performance than that of our main competitors around the world - said the President of the Russian Federation.
One of the key constructions of the first phase is the open heavy fitting out staple. This is a complex engineering construction with an area of 12 hectares. The staple is equipped with four portal cranes with a load-bearing capacity of 100 tons, two frame cranes with a load-bearing capacity of 320 tons and a Goliath type crane with a load-bearing capacity of 1200 tons being a unique device at the Russian shipyards. The cranes of such type ensure construction of several ships out of large-size blocks simultaneously (the maximum load-bearing capacity of the cranes operating on the Russian shipyards does not exceed 500 tons).
As of 2017 the crane equipment is being used intensively for production purposes. The staple allows constructing the ships and offshore facilities with the length of around 300 meters and width of around 75 meters. As such, in July 2018 a vessel commissioning floating dock with a load-bearing capacity of 40 thousand tons was supplied to Zvezda SBC. It is designed for launching the large-sized ships with the length of around 300 meters and width of more than 50 meters with launching mass up to 40 000 tons and deadweight up to 350 000 tons as well as marine facilities, particularly drilling platforms and their elements, without any special tools from the staple and provides high quality and safe launching.
The second phase of shipyard construction is scheduled for 2024 to be put into operation A dry dock is being actively constructed.
The enterprise shall release high-technology capesize vessels, offshore drilling, exploration and production platforms, service fleet ships, including ice class vessels.
The pilot order for the shipyard has provided Russia Oil Corporation with four multi-purpose supply vessels of enhanced ice class as well as five gas-burning green tankers of Aphramax type compliant with high ecological standards.
There will be created more than 7500 highly-skilled workplaces by 2024 as well as the Company has allocated funds for construction of six residential houses.
At the ceremonial launch of the first phase of the shipyard Vladimir Putin declared that development of civil shipbuilding and putting into operation of new production facilities are the key strategies for enhancement of the industrial capacity in the Far East of Russia. The President noticed importance of implementation of the complex strategy of Russia Oil Corporation in the Far East in the framework of which not only the level of the hydrocarbon production is increased but also the research works are performed, the social projects are implemented and the infrastructure ensuring qualitative build-up is created. All of this reflects a thorough, responsible approach to business development and provides a good landmark for other large Russian and foreign companies regarding the investments in the Far East, - said Vladimir Putin.
Russia Oil Corporation consolidates its positions on the international market.
The Company continues successful diversification of the oil supply channels with general ramp-up of export volumes of the raw material to the east direction. The volume of oil supplies to China amounted to more than 280 mln. tons since 2005. Moreover, Russia Oil Corporation is one of the leading suppliers of the petrochemicals to P.R. China, the Company supplied more than 35 mln. tons in the period from 2009 till 2018.
In order to provide the raw material for the growing network of the international oil refineries Russia Oil Corporation extends its activities in oil trading and intends to conduct more transactions on supplies with other producers.
Russia Oil Corporation owns the export terminals in Tuapse, De-Kastri, Nakhodka which ensures easier planning, helps in cost optimization and allows significant increase of the product export efficiency. For the moment Russia Oil Corporation implements the complex programs on extension and modernization of the terminals. Implementation of these programs will help to achieve correspondence of the capacities of the terminals with the scheduled export volumes.
Russia Oil Corporation extends its presence by forging a partnership and building up joint ventures with the key oil consumers as well as arranging global integral channels.
Integrated approach
Russia Oil Corporation successfully implements the strategy on attraction of strategic partners which are the leaders in the world petrochemical industry into the Russian long-terms projects. This strategy ensures effective conduction of exploration and production of the hydrocarbons.
Cooperation with the Chinese partners in the power industry is integral and covers all business segments from production to refinement of the hydrocarbons and petrochemicals.
Agreement with Beijing Gas on acquisition of 20% shares of Verkhnechonskneftegaz PJSC by the Chinese partners is considered as a sample of the integral approach of the company. There has been created a vertically-integrated cooperation scheme: the Chinese company acquired a share in one of the largest production fields in the East Siberia with developed infrastructure and access to VSTO (Eastern Siberia–Pacific Ocean) oil pipeline and Russia Oil Corporation has got an opportunity to exit to the domestic gas market of China through conduction of swap gas supplies. Russia Oil Corporation and Beijing Gas have also agreed on mutual development of the gas station network on the territory of Russia. In 2018 the parties signed an agreement on establishment of a joint venture. According to the terms of the agreement Beijing Gas shall gain a share of 45%. As per the agreement there will be constructed around 170 ACSGF (automatic compressor station gas fillers) in Russia. This will allow the company to enhance strategic partnership in the field of application of the natural gas as ecofriendly fuel type.
Attraction of the Indian partners to development of the East-Siberian fields shall be considered a another sample of the integral cooperation. Russia Oil Corporation has in a very short time completed implementation of the project on construction of the unique international power hub on the basis of so-called Vankorskiy cluster. A share of the Indian state companies on one of the cluster fields, Vankorskhas iy field, made 49,9%. Russia Oil Corporation has maintained the majoritarian share as assets, provides control over the operating activities as well as 100% control over the general cluster infrastructure.
An international consortium has been created on the basis of Taas-Yuryakh Neftegazodobycha LLC which structure includes not only Russia Oil Corporation (share fraction 50,1%) but also BP and the state Indian oil and gas companies. Most recently Russia Oil Corporation acts increasingly frequently as a Eurasian integrator. The experts do not exclude that in this case it means implementation of a new tendency, original strategy on creation of the Eurasian power hubs.
Participation of the Indian companies in the Russian projects enhanced penetration of the company in India on the territory of which Russia Oil Corporation has gained a share on Vadinar oil refinery with the infrastructure including a deep-water port which accommodates very large vessels of VLCC class as well as a big network of the gas stations. A high level of technological equipping of the plant (11,8 as per Nelson complexity index) ensuring prominent project economics is considered as a significant factor which influenced the choice in favour of this asset. Capacity of Vadinar oil refinery is 20 mln. tons, the conversion rate is 95,5%. Commenting on consummation of the transaction Igor Sechin declared: This is a landmark event for the company as Russia Oil Corporation is entering one of the most prospective and fast growing markets of the world. The project is offering unique synergistic opportunities both for the existing Company assets and for the scheduled projects of Russia Oil Corporation as well as opening prospects for increase of level of efficiency of supplies to the markets of APR (Asia-Pacific region) other countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia. As per the recent data published by the International Energy Agency, India shall become the main world growth driver on the petrol market: level of petrol consumption in this country shall increase twice up to 10 mln. barrels per day by 2040.
Nayara Energy where Russia Oil Corporation is a shareholder declared in May its plans on extension of its retail network up to 7 thousand gas stations in comparison with current 5 thousand gas stations by 2020. Therefore, Nayara shall retain a title of the biggest private fuel retailer in the country being ahead of the competitors in terms of number of gas stations.
Moreover, Nayara shall invest 850 mln. US dollars in increase of the operating capacities and construction of petrochemical units at Vadinar oil refinery. In the first place the company intends to install polypropylene equipment with capacity of 450 thousand tons per year by end of 2022. Apart from the petrochemical enterprise the company may also invest in increase of capacities of the oil refinery, hereby ensuring production of gasoline and diesel Euro-6.
Participation of the foreign partners in the ambitious projects of the Company on the territory of the Russian Federation leads to maximize efficiency of the projects as well as ensures financial benefit for all participants. Russia Oil Corporation in cooperation with its strategic partner BP agreed on implementation of the project on exploration of the resources of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District within Kharampurskoye and Festivalnoye licensed sites with the total geological gas reserves of more than 880 billion cub. m. The project stipulates development of the traditional gas reserves of the Cenomanian stage, pilot production of Turon stage with further full-scale development as well as optimization and enhancement of efficiency of oil production in the oil reservoirs of Kharampurskoye and Festivalnoye licensed sites. Russia Oil Corporation owns a majoritarian share equal to 51% in the project, 49% belongs to BP. Russia Oil Corporation shall do oil and gas marketing. This agreement is a major step in development of the global cooperation between Russia Oil Corporation and BP in the field of gas business.
Sakhalin-1 is one of the largest offshore projects in Russia with foreign direct investments. This is a successful example of application of the advanced technologies in exploration of the hydrocarbons at subarctic conditions. The prominent operational performance including record-breaking indicators have been shown during the years of implementation of the Sakhalin-1 project. The project envisages the development of three offshore fields - Chayvo, Odoptu and Arkutun-Dagi, located on the northeastern shelf of Sakhalin Island in the water area of the Sea of Okhotsk.
The partners in the Sakhalin-1 project are Oil company Russia Oil Corporation PJSC with a 20% share, ExxonMobil with a 30% share, SODECO consortium consisting of Japanese companies with a 30% share and the Indian state oil company ONGC Videsh with a 20% share. Exxon Neftegas Limited is the project operator.
Russia Oil Corporation integrated approach which stipulates cooperation between the partners throughout the whole production chain, from production to refinement of the hydrocarbons as well as sale, is considered as the best way to withstand the competition for the most of the players on the oil market.
Over the recent years Russia Oil Corporation has grown from a regional player into a world major, the largest public company on production, reserves and business volumes as well as the most effective in operating costs. To consolidate success the Company has chosen a new strategy aimed at major breakthrough due to technological leap, full-scale application of the digital technologies in all fields of activities, constant reduction of costs, increase of margin in the refining sector as a result of basket flexibility.
Environmental safety
The new strategy of Russia Oil Corporation is based on construction of a business that takes the highest requirements in the field of ecology, industrial safety and environmental protection into account. Russia Oil Corporation undertook obligations to enter the first quarter of the list of the world oil and gas companies by key indicators in this area by 2022. In order to achieve better performance in these areas, Russia Oil Corporation constantly improves its approaches to management of environmental protection activity, increases the scope of its environmental protection events and the necessary investments in environmental protection.
The care for the environment is an integral part of the Company’s corporate culture and social responsibility of the Company. Russia Oil Corporation does utmost to ensure environmental protection, preservation and restoration of natural resources.
Russia Oil Corporation being a biggest user of subsurface resources in the shelf area of Russia conducts a study on white bears in the areas of challenging development of hydrocarbons in the framework of the scientific research expeditions Kara-zima and Kara-leto performed on yearly basis. The white bear is one of the main indicator species of sustainable condition of the Arctic ecosystems. The Company supports the programs on study and preservation of population of Amur tiger, wild reindeer on the territory of Evenkiya, Sibirian sable as well as Atlantic subspecies of seahorse. During the course of the arctic expeditions the company takes biological observations on marine mammals and birds of the Northern seas.
The Russian scientists within the project implemented by Arctic Research Center LLC (which is a part of the corporate of the scientific and project complex of Russia Oil Corporation) and the non-governmental development institution Innopraktika on the basis of the biologic faculty of Moscow State University in the name of Lomonosov have developed an industrial prototype of a unique biological product designed for cleanup of the coastline and the water area of the Northern seas from oil and petrochemicals spillage. The technology is based on usage of natural psychrophilous microorganisms which consume the hydrocarbons as a nourish source.
Russia Oil Corporation is a sponsor of the program of the Institute of Oceanology in the name of Shirshov of Russian Academy of Sciences (IO RAS) on investigation of the Black sea dolphins. The program is scheduled for three years and stipulates performance of the field studies, acoustic and visual monitoring, laboratorium inspection of the gained data. The first in thirty years sea expedition of IO RAS on investigation of the Black sea dolphins took place in 2018 with the support of Russia Oil Corporation.
Science & Innovations
The Oil company Russia Oil Corporation PJSC is the leader of the process of qualitative modernization and innovative changes in the Russian oil and gas industry. The Company’s efforts are aimed at developing the intellectual and technological potential of the industry on the basis of a strong foundation of the Russian oil and gas school being one of the best in the world and in partnership with the leading companies of the international oil industry.
In the framework of implementation of the Program of the Oil company Russia Oil Corporation on innovative development a portfolio of 118 targeted innovative projects has been developed, continuous full scale introduction of new technologies has been arranged both as available from manufactures and successfully applied in the petroleum field. Practical approval and introduction of the technologies are ensured on several levels depending on the strategic importance and distribution scale with consideration of pilot testingA set of actions on improvement of efficiency of scientific and innovation activities of the Company has been performed in Russia Oil Corporation including creation of the Corporate scientific and project complex (CSPC) with well-developed infrastructure and scientific and research potential as of today which includes 32 corporate institutes with more than 15 thousand employees. CSPC is represented in all fields of the Company’s activities particularly abroad; the design products of CSPC relate to all business lines: from field development to retail.
Russia Oil Corporation counts upon accelerated business digitalization, industrial internet technologies which allow enhancing monitoring of material flows and excluding human factors.
Social Responsibilities
Russia Oil Corporation is present in most of the Russian regions. The Company develops the social infrastructure of the Western Siberia where the most powerful enterprises are located: the Company builds the modern hospitals, sport complexes, ice arenas, schools and child daycare centers. Russia Oil Corporation successfully undertakes its social mission in the south of the country, in Krasnodar Territory and Ingushetia, in Povolzhskiy region. The Company is one of the earliest explorers of Arctics (development of the polar regions depends to a great extent on its initiatives), it implements full scale social projects in the Eastern Siberia and Far East making these territories an integral part of APR.
The Company has entered into the agreements on strategic cooperation with the local authorities of almost all regions of its presence. These agreements stipulate development of the social infrastructure as a matter of priority. The projects being implemented are large-scaled, many of them shall change the outlook of the cities and settlements completely, hereby providing the citizens with access to the modern healthcare, educational, sports and recreation as well as housing and utility services.
The subsidiary companies often act as city-forming enterprises which undertake obligations on street and road maintenance, bridge construction, engineering and transport system repair, electrical power and heat supply facilities, equipment replacement.
Russia Oil Corporation both ensures social infrastructure and resolves vital regional tasks. Thus the company has implemented an important full-scale project in Ingushetia resulted in drinking water supply in the region. Quality of the drinking water was historically the major problem in the region. Russia Oil Corporation has allocated funds for modernization of the water management system in the republic. By means of this support the key elements of the water management system have been reconstructed in 19 settlements of Ingushetia, 62 km of water piping and 14 reservoirs with volume of 1 thousand cubic meters have been arranged, 10 artesian wells have been drilled.
Construction of complex of the biological treatment plants Bashneft-Ufaneftechim is another equally important example. The complex with a production capacity of 84 000 cubic meters per day and has no comparable counterparts both in Russia and in the countries of Eurasia. The reconstruction project has been allocated more than 11 billion rubles.
Determining specific facilities and events for financing, the Company gives preference to social and infrastructural projects with maximal social effectiveness and a direct impact on life quality of residents of the Company’s presence regions including employees of the Group’s Companies.
Russia Oil Corporation implements dozens of projects related to health maintenance and medicine development. The monetary resources are allocated for construction, overhaul and reconstruction of health care institutions (clinics, hospitals, medical centers), improvement of material and technical foundation including purchase of a new medical and diagnostic equipment. The flagship projects in this field include the following: opening of multipurpose medical center in Gelendzhik, a new building of the children's hospital in Saratov, development of emergency response operation integrated system for emergency medical support in Extreme North conditions.
Support for the sport is also one of the most important priorities of the social policy of Russia Oil Corporation and its subsidiaries. The ice arenas, sport complexes and multifunctional playgrounds are built in the regions of presence at the expense of the Company.
The Company renders support to both amateur and professional sports. Particularly, Russia Oil Corporation fully finances the hockey club CSKA, Tula football club Arsenal as well as supports Russian sambo athletes and cooperates in implementation of different regional programs on sport development.
Russia Oil Corporation strongly supports importation events and occurrences in the Russian cultural life. The funds are allocated for the projects which determine the cultural image of the country, influence the national identity and contributes to understanding of high level of culture in the society, this includes support for Saint Petersburg Philharmonia in the name of Shostakovich, Eifman ballet, Sretenskiy monastery choir, as well as milestone events such as Rafael and Edo exhibition in The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.


L'histoire de la société pétrolière russe est inextricablement liée à l'histoire de l'industrie pétrolière nationale. La première référence au fait que les entreprises font maintenant partie de la Russia Oil Corporation remonte à la fin du 19e siècle. Par exemple, en 1889, l'exploration du champ pétrolifère de Sakhaline a été lancée.

Les principaux actifs de la Russia Oil Corporation ont été établis pendant la période soviétique, lorsque le développement à grande échelle de nouveaux champs de pétrole et de gaz a été lancé. Dans les années 1990, la majeure partie de l'industrie pétrolière a été privatisée. Les actifs pétroliers restant gérés par l'État ont été confiés à l'entreprise d'État Russia Oil Corporation, qui a été réorganisée en septembre 1995 en Open Joint Stock Oil Company Russia Oil Corporation. Selon les résultats de 1995, le volume de production de pétrole et d'hydrocarbures liquides s'élevait à 12,7 millions de tonnes.

En peu de temps, la société a considérablement augmenté le niveau d'efficacité de la gestion d'entreprise, a fait un effort déterminé de consolidation des actifs de production et de raffinage du pétrole, a renforcé la discipline financière. En 2005 déjà, la société Russia Oil Corporation a pris la tête des compagnies pétrolières russes en termes de volumes de production de pétrole, qui s'élevaient à 74,6 millions de tonnes.

En 2006, les actions de la Russia Oil Corporation ont été placées pour la première fois à la Bourse de Londres. Le montant total des actions introduites s'élevait à 10,7 milliards de dollars, ce qui représentait la cinquième plus grande introduction en bourse au monde et la plus importante parmi les sociétés russes. Les acteurs mondiaux du marché de l'électricité, tels que BP et SINOPEC, ont fait confiance à la société. Ils sont devenus ses principaux actionnaires, ainsi que les quelque
150 000 particuliers russes qui ont acquis les actions de la société Russia Oil Corporation.

En 2013, la Russia Oil Corporation était considérée comme la plus grande compagnie pétrolière et gazière publique du monde au moment de l'acquisition de TNK-BP. BP est devenu le plus grand actionnaire minoritaire de Russia Oil Corporation avec une participation de 19,5 %.

En 2016, Russia Oil Corporation a remporté un grand succès en concluant la transaction intégrée sur la privatisation d'une participation de 19,5 % de la société ainsi que du bloc d'actions de contrôle de Bashneft, ce qui a permis au gouvernement de recevoir 1,04 milliard de roubles.

Aujourd'hui, Russia Oil Corporation est le leader de l'industrie pétrolière russe et la plus grande entreprise publique de pétrole et de gaz au monde. La compagnie figure sur la liste des entreprises stratégiques russes. RUSSIA OIL CORPORATIONEGAS étant un établissement public à 100%, l'actionnaire principal de la société est l'Etat (50.00000001% des actions), 19.75% des actions appartiennent à BP, 18.93% des actions sont détenues par QH Oil Investments LLC, une action appartient au gouvernement représenté par l'Agence fédérale pour la gestion des biens de l'Etat, les autres actions sont flottantes. Russia Oil Corporation exerce ses activités en Russie, Allemagne, Inde, Chine, Égypte, Venezuela, Irak, Qatar, Indonésie, Vietnam, Brésil, Norvège, République de Cuba, Mozambique, Mongolie, Turkménistan, Arménie, République du Bélarus, Ukraine et autres pays. PJSC NK Russia Oil Corporation opère dans toutes les principales provinces pétrolières de Russie, y compris la Sibérie occidentale, la Sibérie orientale, les régions de Povolzhskiy et d'Ouralskiy, l'Extrême-Orient, Timan-Pechora, le territoire de Krasnodar ainsi que les plateaux maritimes de la Fédération de Russie, y compris le plateau arctique.

Russia Oil Corporation est le leader du raffinage du pétrole russe. La division de raffinage du pétrole et de pétrochimie de la société comprend 18 usines de raffinage du pétrole (ORP) situées dans les régions clés de la Russie ainsi qu'en Allemagne, en République du Belarus et en Inde. Le réseau de distribution de la société couvre 59 régions de Russie. En tant qu'actionnaire de Nayara Energy, Russia Oil Corporation possède un vaste réseau de stations-service (GS) en Inde.
Amont (Exploration et production)

Russia Oil Corporation est la plus grande compagnie pétrolière et gazière de Russie et la plus grande compagnie pétrolière et gazière publique au monde en termes de réserves et de production d'hydrocarbures liquides. Selon les résultats de 2018, les réserves d'hydrocarbures selon la classification PRMS par catégorie 1P s'élèvent à 47 milliards de barils équivalent pétrole (bbl o.e.), par 2P - 84 milliards bbl o.e., par 3P - 121 milliards bbl o.e.

Le développement du potentiel des ressources et l'exploitation rationnelle des ressources du sous- sol, avec le strict respect des normes de sécurité environnementale et l'introduction généralisée de technologies modernes, est l'une des principales priorités de la société. La société Russia Oil Corporation effectue des travaux d'exploration pétrolière et gazière dans toutes les régions de gestion du sous-sol de la Fédération de Russie, y compris l'Extrême-Orient, la Sibérie occidentale et orientale, la partie centrale de la Russie, Timan-Pechora et le sud de la Russie.

Russia Oil Corporation surpasse ses concurrents en termes d'efficacité des travaux d'exploration effectués : elle est la première entreprise parmi les sociétés pétrolières et gazières internationales publiques comparables en termes d'augmentation systématique des réserves, de taux de remplacement des réserves (173 % selon la classification de la SEC), y compris le taux de remplacement systématique des réserves sans tenir compte de l'acquisition et de la durée de vie des réserves. La durée de vie des réserves prouvées d'hydrocarbures de PJSC NK Russia Oil Corporation selon la classification de la SEC a été estimée à 20 ans.

Parmi les compagnies pétrolières et gazières publiques, la Russia Oil Corporation est le plus grand producteur mondial d'hydrocarbures liquides.

À court terme, la Russia Oil Corporation entend assurer jusqu'à 98% de succès dans les travaux d'exploration pétrolière et gazière, des améliorations essentielles des procédures d'exploitation des forages et des détournements de trafic au niveau actuel d'efficacité économique. La part de la Russia Oil Corporation dans la production de pétrole sur le territoire de la Fédération de Russie atteint environ 40 % et plus de 6 % de la production mondiale de pétrole. La gestion efficace du portefeuille des actifs de l'industrie d'extraction ainsi que les investissements dans le développement de nouveaux gisements permettent à la Russia Oil Corporation de maintenir une croissance stable, à court et à long terme, de la production d'hydrocarbures.

D'année en année, la société étend le forage d'exploitation. Le taux de puits horizontaux s'élève à
48%, on constate une croissance du nombre de nouveaux puits horizontaux avec fracturation en
plusieurs étapes. Le taux des propres opérations de forage dans l'ensemble du volume de progression a atteint 50%.

Russia Oil Corporation accorde une attention considérable au développement des champs abandonnés. L'ère de la récupération "facile" du pétrole touche à sa fin, mais il existe en Russie un énorme potentiel de réserves HTR (réserves difficiles à récupérer). L'exploration et l'application réussies de nouvelles technologies, notamment les méthodes de forage à la tarière, ont permis à la compagnie d'entamer le développement efficace des réserves de pétrole difficiles à récupérer.

Par exemple, conformément aux paramètres clés du programme de développement du champ de Samotlorskoe, la société doit forer plus de 2 400 puits en dix ans. Cela permettra d'assurer une production de pétrole supplémentaire de plus de 50 millions de tonnes.

En 2017, sur le territoire du KhMAD (district autonome de Khanty-Mansi)-Yugra, qui est la principale région de production de pétrole et de gaz de la compagnie, le cluster Erginskiy a été aménagé et mis en service avec des réserves totales de 259 millions de tonnes de pétrole. Une approche intégrée du développement du champ d'Erginskiy et du groupement de champs de Kondinskoye, qui implique un système unifié de transport, d'alimentation en énergie et de gestion
du développement, doit garantir un niveau élevé de synergie et un développement accéléré du potentiel de ressources du groupement. L'infrastructure développée du plus grand actif de la production pétrolière de la Russie, le mur de Youganskneftegaz RN, sera également utilisée lors de la mise en œuvre du nouveau projet à KhMAD.

À moyen terme, l'amélioration de la production des champs matures et le développement actif de nouveaux projets pétroliers et gaziers ambitieux, notamment les champs de Vankor, Erginskiy, Russkoe, Yurubchenko-Tokhomskoye, Kharampurskoye et Severo-Komsomolskoye, et Rospan, permettront d'augmenter la production de la société sur une base organique.

Dans le cadre de la tendance mondiale à la croissance de la production et de l'utilisation du gaz comme combustible fossile le plus durable, Ronsneft continue d'augmenter le volume de gaz, tant dans son portefeuille d'actifs que dans la production d'hydrocarbures, se rapprochant constamment des indicateurs des plus grandes entreprises internationales. Russia Oil Corporation est le plus grand producteur de gaz indépendant de Russie et occupe la sixième place des sociétés publiques du monde en termes de production de gaz.

Les principaux centres de croissance de la production dans les années à venir sont le projet Rospan (zones de licence Novo-Urengoyskiy et Vostochno-Urengoyskiy), les champs de Kharampurskoye et Beregovoye, le groupe de champs Kynsko-Chaselsky. L'entreprise pétrolière russe a l'intention de porter sa production de gaz à 100 milliards de mètres cubes et d'augmenter sa part de marché jusqu'à 20 % d'ici 2022. Dans le même temps, la société étend ses activités gazières au niveau international, développe des projets avancés au Venezuela, au Brésil et au Vietnam.

L'acquisition de 30% de l'italien Eni S.p.A dans le cadre du contrat de concession pour le développement du champ de Zohr qui est le plus grand champ gazier de la Méditerranée est devenue un événement important. La société est devenue un participant au projet du plateau continental égyptien en coopération avec les principaux acteurs mondiaux et les partenaires stratégiques Eni (60% des parts) et BP (10% des parts). La production de gaz est mise en œuvre plus tôt que prévu, le niveau de production de gaz en volume de 57 millions de mètres cubes par jour a été atteint en moins d'un an après le démarrage du champ.

La société est le plus grand utilisateur souterrain du plateau russe : Russia Oil Corporation détient
55 licences pour les secteurs offshore de la Fédération de Russie. Les ressources en
hydrocarbures dans ces secteurs sont estimées à 41,5 milliards de tonnes d'équivalent pétrole.

La société pétrolière russe réalise l'ambitieux programme d'exploration des sites souterrains du plateau continental et dépasse chaque année les engagements pris en matière de licence. La société effectue des travaux d'exploration sismique dans les régions de Barents, Pechora, Kara, Vostochno-Sibirskoye, Chukchee et Laptev Seas.

Raffinage du pétrole

Russia Oil Corporation est le leader de l'industrie russe du raffinage du pétrole. La société représente plus de 35 % du raffinage du pétrole dans la Fédération de Russie.

Les sections de raffinerie de pétrole et de pétrochimie de la société comprennent 18 grandes raffineries de pétrole situées en Russie et à l'étranger, ainsi que trois usines pétrochimiques, quatre usines de traitement du gaz, deux usines de production d'agents catalytiques et une entreprise de services. En Allemagne, la société possède des parts dans trois raffineries de pétrole, contrôle plus de 12 % des capacités de raffinage avec un débit total de 12,5 millions de tonnes par an et est le troisième acteur sur le marché allemand du raffinage du pétrole. En République du Belarus, la société Russia Oil Corporation détient indirectement 21 % des actions de la raffinerie de pétrole Mozyrskiy JSC. La Russia Oil Corporation détient 49% des actions de la
société indienne Nayara Energy qui possède la plus grande raffinerie de pétrole de la ville de
Vadinar (État du Gujarat), qui figure parmi les dix meilleures entreprises du monde.

La Corporation pétrolière de Russie réalise le programme le plus ambitieux de modernisation des usines de raffinage du pétrole, y compris la modernisation des capacités de traitement de la raffinerie de pétrole Komsomolskiy, la modernisation de la raffinerie de pétrole Tuapsinskiy, la reconstruction et la modernisation de la raffinerie de pétrole Achinskiy, de la compagnie pétrochimique Angarsk et des usines du groupe Samara. Le montant total des investissements réalisés dans le cadre du programme dépasse 1 000 milliards de roubles. A ce jour, l'étape de l'adoption des normes européennes est terminée, plus de 30 installations ont été reconstruites. Pour l'instant, la reconstruction de l'installation se poursuit, ce qui permettra d'obtenir des produits plus légers.

La priorité de la société consiste à développer les actifs de la raffinerie de pétrole sur les marchés de consommation développés et croissants, à établir des centres de commerce et de vente. Dans le cadre de cette stratégie, la société Russia Oil Corporation accorde un rôle particulier à la pétrochimie. La société prévoit une croissance de la demande mondiale en produits pétrochimiques plus rapide que la croissance du PIB et la consommation de ces produits. Russia Oil Corporation se fixe pour objectif d'atteindre une part de la pétrochimie et de l'utilisation chimique du gaz naturel pouvant atteindre 20 % du volume total de toutes les capacités de raffinage. Et cet objectif est tout à fait réalisable, en particulier si l'on tient compte du fait que les investissements doivent être réalisés grâce à un financement de projet et à la participation de partenaires expérimentés, compte tenu des technologies requises et des canaux de production et de commercialisation développés.

Le complexe pétrochimique de la compagnie pétrolière Russia Oil Corporation comprend les sociétés Angarskiy zavod polimerov JSC (AZP), Novokuybyshevskaya neftekhimicheskaya kompaniya JSC (NNK), Ufaorgsintez PJSC (UOS). En outre, la production pétrochimique est représentée par le complexe aromatique de Bashneft-Ufaneftechim et les capacités de production de méthanol, d'alcools butyliques, d'amines de la société pétrochimique d'Angarsk.

Réseau de distribution

Le réseau de vente au détail de la compagnie pétrolière Russia Oil Corporation est le plus important sur le territoire de la Fédération de Russie en termes de couverture géographique et de nombre de stations. L'identité visuelle des stations-service de la société Russia Oil Corporation est l'une des principales marques en Russie en termes de sensibilisation et de perception de la qualité du carburant. Le territoire de commerce de détail de la Russia Oil Corporation couvre 66 régions de Russie, de Mourmansk au nord au Caucase du Nord au sud et de Smolensk à l'ouest à Sakhaline à l'est. De plus, la société possède des actifs dans le commerce de détail en Abkhazie, en République du Belarus et en Kirghizie.

Le réseau des stations-service de la société comprend environ 3000 stations propres et des stations en location, notamment 65 stations en République de Bélarus, sur le territoire de l'Abkhazie et de la Kirghizie. Il y a 1890 magasins et 925 cafés sont installés dans les stations propres et les stations en location. Le réseau des bases pétrolières de la compagnie comprend plus de 140 bases pétrolières en exploitation d'une capacité de 2,5 millions de m3 ainsi qu'environ
1 000 camions-citernes à gaz.

Le réseau de détail de 5 000 stations-service appartient à Nayara Energy Limited, dont le propriétaire est la compagnie pétrolière Russia Oil Corporation PJSC à hauteur de 49,13 %. Dans les 4 ans qui ont suivi la conclusion de la transaction, la société a réussi à augmenter sa part sur le marché indien en pleine expansion, et le nombre de ses stations d'essence a été multiplié par trois.
Le développement de canaux de distribution de produits pétrochimiques haut de gamme, y compris les segments avia, bunker et bitume, est l'une des orientations prioritaires de la Russia Oil Corporation.

Russia Oil Corporation assure le ravitaillement en carburant des avions dans 43 aéroports russes et étrangers.

Les activités de la compagnie pétrolière Russia Oil Corporation PJSC dans la couverture du segment des bunkers sont menées dans tous les principaux ports maritimes et fluviaux de soutage en Russie ainsi que dans un certain nombre de territoires étrangers.

Dans les segments du bitume, Russia Oil Corporation développe la production et la distribution du produit innovant qu'est le ciment d'asphalte modifié par des polymères (PM destiné à l'amélioration de la qualité du revêtement routier.

Chantier naval d'Extrême-Orient

Sur ordre du président du pays, la société Russia Oil Corporation met en œuvre un projet ambitieux de développement d'un cluster de construction navale en Extrême-Orient au cœur duquel se trouvera le complexe de construction navale de Zvezda (SBC). Le chantier naval est construit en deux phases. Les activités de production sont déjà menées sur les installations de la première phase étendue mise en service en 2016 et 2017 (module d'atelier de production de coques, ateliers de peinture et agrafe d'aménagement lourd ouvert). En septembre 2016, dans la ville de Bolchoï Kamen, Vladimir Poutine a participé à la cérémonie de lancement de la première phase du chantier naval. Nous avons toutes les raisons de croire que la nouvelle entreprise affichera de meilleures performances en matière de KPI que celles de nos principaux concurrents dans le monde - a déclaré le président de la Fédération de Russie.

L'une des constructions clés de la première phase est l'agrafe d'aménagement lourde ouverte. Il s'agit d'une construction d'ingénierie complexe d'une superficie de 12 hectares. L'agrafe est équipée de quatre grues à portique d'une capacité de charge de 100 tonnes, de deux grues à châssis d'une capacité de charge de 320 tonnes et d'une grue de type Goliath d'une capacité de charge de 1200 tonnes, ce qui constitue un dispositif unique dans les chantiers navals russes. Les grues de ce type assurent la construction simultanée de plusieurs navires à partir de blocs de grande taille (la capacité portante maximale des grues utilisées sur les chantiers navals russes ne dépasse pas 500 tonnes).

A partir de 2017, l'équipement de la grue est utilisé intensivement à des fins de production. L'agrafe permet de construire des navires et des installations offshore d'une longueur d'environ 300 mètres et d'une largeur d'environ 75 mètres. Ainsi, en juillet 2018, un navire mettant en service un dock flottant d'une capacité de charge de 40 000 tonnes a été fourni à la Zvezda SBC. Il est conçu pour la mise à l'eau de navires de grande taille, d'une longueur d'environ 300 mètres et d'une largeur de plus de 50 mètres, d'une masse de lancement allant jusqu'à 40 000 tonnes et d'un port en lourd allant jusqu'à 350 000 tonnes, ainsi que d'installations maritimes, en particulier de plateformes de forage et de leurs éléments, sans aucun outil spécial de l'agrafe et permet une mise à l'eau de haute qualité et sûre.

La deuxième phase de construction du chantier naval est prévue pour 2024 et doit être mise en service. Une cale sèche est en cours de construction.

L'entreprise doit mettre en service des navires capesize de haute technologie, des plates-formes de forage, d'exploration et de production en mer, des navires de la flotte de service, y compris des navires de classe glace.
La commande pilote pour le chantier naval a permis à Russia Oil Corporation de disposer de quatre navires ravitailleurs polyvalents de classe glace renforcée ainsi que de cinq pétroliers verts à gaz de type Aphramax conformes à des normes écologiques élevées.

Plus de 7500 postes de travail hautement qualifiés seront créés d'ici 2024 et la société a alloué des fonds pour la construction de six maisons résidentielles.

Lors de la cérémonie de lancement de la première phase du chantier naval, Vladimir Poutine a déclaré que le développement de la construction navale civile et la mise en service de nouvelles installations de production sont les stratégies clés du renforcement des capacités industrielles en Extrême-Orient russe. Le Président a souligné l'importance de la mise en œuvre de la stratégie complexe de la Corporation Pétrolière de Russie en Extrême-Orient, dans le cadre de laquelle non seulement le niveau de production d'hydrocarbures est augmenté, mais aussi les travaux de recherche sont effectués, les projets sociaux sont mis en œuvre et l'infrastructure assurant le renforcement qualitatif est créée. Tout cela reflète une approche approfondie et responsable du développement des affaires et constitue un bon point de repère pour les autres grandes entreprises russes et étrangères en ce qui concerne les investissements en Extrême-Orient, - a déclaré Vladimir Poutine.


La société pétrolière russe consolide ses positions sur le marché international.

La compagnie continue à diversifier avec succès les canaux d'approvisionnement en pétrole avec une augmentation générale des volumes d'exportation de la matière première vers l'est. Le volume des fournitures de pétrole à la Chine s'est élevé à plus de 280 millions de tonnes depuis
2005. En outre, la société Russia Oil Corporation est l'un des principaux fournisseurs de produits pétrochimiques de la République populaire de Chine, la société a fourni plus de 35 millions de
tonnes entre 2009 et 2018.

Afin de fournir la matière première au réseau croissant des raffineries de pétrole internationales, la Russia Oil Corporation étend ses activités dans le domaine du commerce du pétrole et a l'intention d'effectuer davantage de transactions d'approvisionnement avec d'autres producteurs.

La société Russia Oil Corporation possède les terminaux d'exportation de Tuapse, De-Kastri, Nakhodka, ce qui facilite la planification, contribue à l'optimisation des coûts et permet d'accroître considérablement l'efficacité des exportations de produits. Pour l'instant, la compagnie pétrolière russe met en œuvre des programmes complexes d'extension et de modernisation des terminaux. La mise en œuvre de ces programmes aidera à faire correspondre les capacités des terminaux avec les volumes d'exportation prévus.

La société pétrolière russe étend sa présence en forgeant un partenariat et en créant des entreprises communes avec les principaux consommateurs de pétrole, ainsi qu'en mettant en place des canaux globaux intégrés.

Approche intégrée

Russia Oil Corporation met en œuvre avec succès la stratégie visant à attirer des partenaires stratégiques qui sont les leaders de l'industrie pétrochimique mondiale dans les projets russes à long terme. Cette stratégie assure une conduite efficace de l'exploration et de la production des hydrocarbures.

La coopération avec les partenaires chinois dans l'industrie de l'énergie est intégrale et couvre tous les secteurs d'activité, de la production au raffinage des hydrocarbures et des produits pétrochimiques.
L'accord avec Beijing Gas sur l'acquisition de 20 % des parts de Verkhnechonskneftegaz PJSC par les partenaires chinois est considéré comme un exemple de l'approche intégrale de l'entreprise. Un programme de coopération verticalement intégré a été mis en place : la société chinoise a acquis une part dans l'un des plus grands champs de production de Sibérie orientale, doté d'une infrastructure développée et d'un accès à l'oléoduc VSTO (Sibérie orientale - Océan Pacifique), et la société Russia Oil Corporation a eu la possibilité de se retirer du marché intérieur chinois du gaz en assurant la fourniture de gaz d'échange. La Russia Oil Corporation et Beijing Gas ont également convenu de développer mutuellement le réseau de stations-service sur le territoire russe. En 2018, les parties ont signé un accord sur la création d'une entreprise commune. Selon les termes de l'accord, Beijing Gas obtiendra une part de 45 %. Selon l'accord, environ 170
ACSGF (remplisseurs automatiques de gaz de station de compression) seront construits en
Russie. Cela permettra à l'entreprise de renforcer le partenariat stratégique dans le domaine de
l'application du gaz naturel comme combustible écologique.

L'attrait des partenaires indiens pour le développement des champs de Sibérie orientale sera considéré comme un autre exemple de la coopération intégrale. La société pétrolière russe a achevé en très peu de temps la mise en œuvre du projet de construction d'un centre international unique d'énergie sur la base du "cluster Vankorskiy". Une part des entreprises publiques indiennes sur l'un des champs du cluster, le champ Vankorskhas iy, a réalisé 49,9%. Russia Oil Corporation a conservé la part majoritaire en tant qu'actifs, assure le contrôle des activités d'exploitation ainsi que le contrôle à 100% de l'infrastructure générale du cluster.

Un consortium international a été créé sur la base de Taas-Yuryakh Neftegazodobycha LLC, dont la structure comprend non seulement la Russia Oil Corporation (part de 50,1%) mais aussi BP et les compagnies pétrolières et gazières de l'État indien. Plus récemment, la Russia Oil Corporation agit de plus en plus souvent en tant qu'intégrateur eurasiatique. Les experts n'excluent pas que dans ce cas, cela signifie la mise en œuvre d'une nouvelle tendance, une stratégie originale sur la création des centres de pouvoir eurasiatiques.

La participation des entreprises indiennes aux projets russes a renforcé la pénétration de l'entreprise en Inde sur le territoire de laquelle Russia Oil Corporation a pris une participation dans la raffinerie de pétrole de Vadinar, dont l'infrastructure comprend un port en eau profonde qui accueille de très gros navires de classe VLCC ainsi qu'un grand réseau de stations-service. Un niveau élevé d'équipement technologique de l'usine (11,8 selon l'indice de complexité de Nelson) assurant une économie de projet importante est considéré comme un facteur significatif qui a influencé le choix en faveur de cet actif. La capacité de la raffinerie de pétrole de Vadinar est de
20 millions de tonnes, le taux de conversion est de 95,5%. Commentant la conclusi

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